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Text 81010

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High School

Treble Choir: @wylietreb

Men's Ensemble: @wyliemens

Varsity Chorale:  @wyliechor

VocalPoint:  @vocpoint

Wylie East Junior High

Tenor-Bass Choir: @wyguyseast

Treble Choir: @wytrebeast

Wylie West Junior High

Tenor-Bass Choir: @westjhguys

Treble Choir: @westjhgirl


must be completed online 

deadline: August 24, 2020

all payments of Choir Pack fees will be online at Charms website. Students will complete registration Google Form as an assignment to turn in. 

Handbooks are on the first page of this website.

CHARMS Information:

Click on blue "Login" button on top right corner

Go to "Parents/Students/Members"

School code:  wyliechoirs (Must be typed exactly as written; case-sensitive)

Student ID number (lunch number)


CHARMS Parent Letter​

CHARMS allows the Directors to easily organize all student and parent information in one readily-available area.  Directors will send out important and pertinent information to parents and students through email and text messages.  The Directors can track uniform assignments, trip payments, and individual student fundraising information.  It also has a "Recording Studio" that the Directors use to give student assignments and provide individualized feedback.  

CHARMS allows students the ability to see how much money they have in their account from fundraisers.  Additionally, students are able to use the Recording Studio to listen to practice tracks for the All-Region processes.  When assignments are given, students are able to complete them through CHARMS as well as receive individual feedback from the Directors.  

CHARMS allows parents to readily contact the Directors and stay up-to-date on all things Choir!  Additionally, parents can see their student's individual fundraising account and track any trip payments made.  CHARMS will be used in addition to Remind.  Please make sure you are able to access both means of communication!