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We encourage students who want to improve their singing abilities and music-literacy skills to join Choir at Wylie! You will benefit by being involved in a core ensemble that will represent our school with pride, build relationships with fellow students, and provide performance opportunities to hone your musical skills for a lifetime of enjoyment.

High School Choirs

Treble Choir: This class is a training Choir for  beginning/intermediate women new to high school Choir who want to improve their sightreading and vocal technique, and is designed to be a Non Varsity class prior to moving to Varsity Chorale. This class meets during 4th period.


Men's Ensemble: This class meets 1st period and is open to any young man who wants to sing and improve his vocal technique. We often combine with Chorale men and Treble on certain concerts during the year. This is a training Choir designed to be a Non Varsity class prior to moving to Varsity Chorale.

Chorale:  Wylie High’s Mixed Varsity choir is made up of sophomore through senior women and men with advanced proficiency in sightreading and an outstanding academic and citizenship record.  The WHS Chorale consistently earns Sweepstakes awards at UIL Concert & Sightreading, and has produced several All-State students. This Choir meets on designated Monday evenings for rehearsals. This class is scheduled for 3rd period.  


VocalPoint:  This ensemble is made up of Chorale students and is selected by competitive audition.  VocalPoint specializes in pop and jazz literature with choreography and performs frequently throughout the community.  They serve as the Ambassadors for the WHS Choir Program. This class is scheduled for 2nd period.